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Once you have your log home built you will need to  maintain it with stain. 
Patriot log Home builders recommends ONE TIME

Choosing the proper stain can actually stop the deterioration of your wood!

What should I look for?  A quality stain with no VOC's

A major source of man-made VOCs are solvents, especially paints and protective coatings.One Time has no solvents!
Is it green? Yes it is green approved!

What is a green approved product?  See a green approved product list here  , it is generally a product that met the requirements and received the points necessary set by standards such as from the

What are VOC's?
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) refers to organic chemical compounds which have significant vapor pressures and which can affect the environment and human health. read more here
How many coats do I need? Only one coat of application! Hence the name.

What is the cost and how does it compare to other stains?
Year One TIME®
Conventional Wood Sealer
1 $74.99 $47.97
3 N/A $47.97
5 N/A $47.97
7 N/A $47.97
Total $74.99 $191.88

How often will I have to reapply? Unlike other stains, you only have to reapply it once every 7 years, not every 3 to 5 years.
What about a warranty? Yes a 7-year warranty that can be read on the ONE TIME PRODUCT LABEL  for complete details.
What can it be used on? 
Rustic log showroom with ONE TIME STAIN

wood log homes

wood decks
wood fences
wood yard furniture
wood docks
wood shingle siding
wood siding
and more
What is the Coverage?New Wood 300-350 square feet per gallon.
Old Wood  250-300 square feet per gallon.

When is the best time to apply ?
For best results,  should be applied when temperatures range from 60 -100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is the differnece between Single peeled and double peeled logs?


Choose single peel and save about 30 % of your total package price. If you are not in a big hurry, then simply  dry the logs your self, let mother nature do the job for you! Yes ,this is a very viable  and cost saving option, just unload your shipment,stack them, cover them with   the provided timber wrap and let them dry, for  about 3 months . 

Did you know that Maple trees have sap and pine trees have pitch? They are used interchangeably in regards to pine trees however in the log home industry. Just a little useful tidbit.
White pine

DO YOU LIKE THE LOOK OF  a rustic log finish? Then Choose single peel  and save money ! In addition ,with the single peel, that outer layer which removes discoloration and imperfections remains. You are left with   that traditional rustic character that is so reminiscent of the historical log home that we remember from Americas rich past.It is suggested that the  wood can be left after the home is constructed up to weather for about a year, however it should still be protected with a clear coat . We recommend ONE TIME clear, which does not have the UV protection so the sun can do its work, then after apply the protection of your choice.

In fact, here is a log home that was built by PATRIOT LOG HOME BUILDERS  where the logs were left out in the environment longer than they were initially  intended.
Steve Miller home built by PATRIOT LOG HOME BUILDERS
The result  is this wonderful nostalgic look, that only mother nature can achieve with her brilliant paint brush of wind and sun. In fact , Mike Hompertz has had requests on "How can I get that look?"  and have had even asked  from some "Does that cost extra?"
So if you are a stead fast traditionalist,  looking to get back to nature and want to save costs as well, then single peel is the right choice for you.
The definitions : (straight from our supplier)

Single peeled:
Logs are sawed and the bark and cambium layer are clean peeled off the log by hand using draw knives.

Note: When fresh/green logs are peeled for the first time the moisture begins to exit the log/timber. During this time tiny droplets of pitch/sap will form on the surface. This will vary in amount from log to log and from the time of the year the log was cut (winter cut logs are preferred as most of the moisture is down in the roots). Once the log completely dries the spots become almost unnoticeable. If a darker stain is applied the spots will not absorb the stain and the log will appear to have light spots initially but in time may darken. Single peeled logs are an option for customers to save some money on their log package by doing there own drying. Once the logs are cut and peeled we spray them with Sta-brite and stack them in bundles with 1” spacers between the logs and lumber wrap the top and one side to block rain and sun.  We then will ship the logs and at that point it is the customer’s responsibility to care for and dry the logs.
DONE BY hand , a skill done with love of the outdoors and all things natural !

these are examples of the knives used to peel the logs.

Double peeled:
Double peeled is where we take the single peeled log when the surface has been dried by natural air or kiln down to around 18% moisture or less and we re-peel the entire surface with draw knives by hand. This method leaves the surface clean  and beautiful.

 Some peeling is done with a power washer by other  log home craftsmen. This is a viable method , however there is something inherently honest  in hand peeling ,  exhibiting  the dedication of  the men who still perform this skill,  by hand, with the traditional tools, that were used  in our  American Heritage since man first pioneered  these lovely United States . A log home is as American as Apple Pie!

photo galllery

Friday, February 18, 2011


Visit THE WISCONSIN  Showroom:
(by appointment) CALL 608 547 1129
3981 Pryne Road
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495

Wall showing hand made custom mantel on rustic full log
The INSIDE showroom features many different sizes and profiles for your viewing. 
door made from  2 x 8 tongue and groove  with hand made custom trim

Beautiful view over looking the pond

Barn is still a work a process , yet it gives you a very good feel of the magnificence of the logs, the feeling is indescribable.

THE NATURAL CORNER Rustic Log and other ACCESSORIES-Stairs, beams, joists, etc

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We are a Wisconsin based company, shipping our log products to all 50 states. 

Unique Handcrafted RUSTIC Logs

Do you like the look and feel of a true handcrafted log home, but THINK that it’s not in your budget?  Let us show you how we can do it!

You can get a “complete log home” package or “logs only” package. We are here to  serve your needs.
The Natural Corner
The "Natural" Corner

check out this innovative style THE "NATURAL" CORNER

This log style is almost indistinguishable from our scribe fit and chinked true handcrafted log homes.
This is a product that is just not common with most log home manufactures.
Even though the logs are milled only on the top and bottom to a uniform size, and are completely pre-notched for easy on-site assembly*, what is really unique about these logs is that the "natural" round shape of the log flyways (or log tails that extend beyond the corner), have been preserved so you don’t see the flat cuts on your beautiful corner logs. These logs are hand peeled with draw knives to give them that true handcrafted look and feel.

These are a great product for a beautiful, luxurious log home.
We find also that they work great as a component to our handcrafted log homes by using them on gables, dormers, garages, sheds, you name it.

  • log stairs railings
  •  character logs
  •  mantels
  •  porch posts
  •  beams
  •  joists
  • purlins
  • trim and much, much more.

*Some job site scribe fitting of each corner log is required in order to match the natural character of each log that passes out of the wall.



the real thing, nothing more than a dedicated man his knife 

and mother nature!

We are very proud to offer almost unheard of actual HAND PEELED LOGS which preserves the rustic surface which only Mother Nature can produce. The logs are HAND PEELED with draw knives (not a planer) so that both interior and exterior surfaces are smooth to the touch, easy to clean and pleasing to the eye. These logs will give your home an atmosphere of soothing elegance.  We are confident you will appreciate our HAND PEELED LOGS. Hand Peeled is available in Solid or Insulated Logs.

What we have to offer-Pine and Cedar RUSTIC LOGS

RUSTIC hand-peeled logs

Yes , you can still find the quality craftsmanship of

HAND ARTISAN  logs right here!!!!

Looking to build a rustic log home? You have found the right place and need look no more. (what a relief!, web surfing can be so exhausting!) Our  custom hand peeled and shaped  logs come in full or half log with your choice of pine or cedar. We have posts, beams, rafters, log stairs and log railings.
These are our most popular log styles, in natural and modern (our word for the common log that floods the log home manufacturing , milled  log done by machine, with extreme consistency)

surface options:
8" stack height, double round shown in natural surface.
8" stack height, double round shown in natural surface with “The Natural Corner” option.
8" stack height, double round shown in modern surface with the saddle notch option.
10" stack height, shown in natural surface. Half log with vertical corner.